What is HistoryDilemmas.com?

HistoryDilemmas.com is a free, non-profit, educational resource for history teachers and students. 

Why use History Dilemmas?

With History Dilemmas, students step into the shoes of historical characters and see the world through diverse eyes. Discussing the dilemmas encourages empathy and critical thinking skills.


The dilemmas mostly focus on the perspectives of people who are underrepresented in US History textbooks, including women, teenagers, African American people, and Native American people.

 By using dilemmas, students are allowed to "participate" in historical events. The dilemmas are historical fiction, meaning that they are based on true events, but some details have been changed or imagined.  

About the author

Chris Seeger, PhD is the creator of History Dilemmas. Seeger is a US History teacher and education researcher. 

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