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How To Use History Dilemmas


Give each student a copy of the dilemma. Read it aloud to the class. 


Students write their response to the dilemma. 


Students share their responses with a partner or a small group.


The teacher leads a full class discussion. Students analyze each other's responses.

***Guidelines for teachers using History Dilemmas***

1. Do not ask students to "act out" the dilemmas. The dilemmas are meant to be read aloud by the teacher. 

2. To get the most out of the dilemmas, it is important to first build a safe, trusting, and mutually respectful environment in the classroom. 
3. Remind students that we can never know what it is really like to be someone else, but this activity can help us to consider the perspectives of others. 

4. Sharing is optional in a full class discussion.  

5. There are no wrong answers. With the exception of mean-spirited or disrespectful answers, it is important to validate every response as a valuable contribution to the class discussion. 

6. Always ask "why?" The dilemmas are an opportunity for students to practice critical thinking in complex scenarios. The reasoning behind their decision is more important than the decision itself. 

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